Saturday, March 12, 2005

About fcuking time too

I read in the week that the high street clothes chain French Connection have suffered from a big dip in sales over the last year. It would seem that, at long last, people have grown tired of their wearisome FCUK brand. So shocking! So daring! Do you see what they did there? Some bright spark (Trevor Beattie, in fact. He is also running the Labour Party election strategy this year) noticed that the acronym for French Connection UK almost (and this is the clever part), almost looks like a rude word. What started as a mundane play on words has become a ubiquitous monster. FCUK is loudly emblazoned on virtually everything sold in their store. Now you can't walk down any high street without seeing one of their dumb slogans on someone's t-shirt. "Born to FCUK", "FCUK Me", "FCUK Work" and so on and so on to the point of tedium.

So it's good news that they intend to phase out the use of this cheeky little trademark. You see, I quite like their clothes, but I don't want to look like a CNUT.

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