Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Confused old man makes fool of himself in Easter outburst

According to Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor (yes, really), the head of the Catholic Church in England in Wales, abortion numbers since the 1960s amount to the same thing as the Holocaust. He also banged on about gender selection being the slippery slope to Nazi-style eugenics. I think he threw in something about human life being “sacred” as well, while touching on the Terri Schiavo case. Oh, and something about protecting the weak.

I have some points of my own.

  1. People making the extremely distressing decision to abort due to their life circumstances is NOT the same as the Holocaust. To compare this to the systematic genocide of a race of people is unconscionable. In any case, it is a personal matter. So shut up.
  2. Speaking of the Holocaust, Cardinal, are you a spokesman for the SAME Catholic Church that pretty much just shrugged its shoulders while said atrocity was occurring? Yes, yes you are. There was always a good time for your church to speak out about the Nazis. The 1930s, for example.
  3. Oh, and help me out here because I'm still confused. Is this also the same Catholic Church that routinely covers-up acts of child rape (let's call it what it is) within its realms? Yes, yes it is. Therefore shut the fuck up about protecting the weak.
  4. Interesting point about Terri Schiavo and the sanctity of human life. Perhaps if you lifted your squeamish view of embryonic research we might make a bit more progress in stem cell growth that could enable mankind to conquer critical brain injury and save us all from this grisly pantomime. Just a thought.


Ms Jones said...

the work of pure genius

Anonymous said...

Making the decision to have an abortion is one of the hardest things a woman will ever have to do and to have f#ckwits from the Catholic church making such statements is offensive - not only to the likes of me but to the millions who lost loved ones during the Holocaust. As CS mentions, perhaps the Cardinal would like to address the issue surrounding child abuse within the church and how (for some) this may have lead to the termination of "sacred" lives – would he like to comment? I doubt it. But then again, being a Catholic means forgiving thy neighbour and so I'm sure that for all those woman who've "sinned" (me included), they can sleep easy tonight, knowing that Jesus has forgiven them.

DB said...

Ive come to the conclusion that they are all nuts. Listening to talk radio here in the States this morning I heard a priest, who is with Schiavo's parents, claim that Terry Schaivo was trying to speak.

You can't argue with that level of insanity. The religious nuts are making the best case for forcible euthenasia.

DB said...

Oh and double your irony, the pope is on a feeding tube.


The Realist said...

Ah yes db, I predicted such an ironic outcome on here a few days ago: I look forward (in time, not in anticipation) to when his life is at an end. His frail body experiencing the intolerable, searing, white-hot pain of pre-death, confused and frightened as his cardinals (carrying out the Papal laws he himself wrote) order doctors that they are not, under any circumstances, to stop the machines which are keeping him alive – ‘this is what he would have wanted’.

Citizen Sane said...

Another thing that confuses me about all this: why the reluctance to join the kingdom of heaven? You'd think they'd grab the earliest opportunity. What hope then for the rest of us?

Anonymous said...

The problem with this abortion business is how you regard the foetus. If you regard it as human then the views that many hold are appalling, if you regard it as something other than human then the conscience is somewhat eased. Then there are those who occupy the middle ground who regard abortion as a necessary evil, but are unhappy when a foetus is aborted on the grounds of selfish convenience- and please do not ask me to accept that all women who have abortions are in dire finacial/emotional/health need. There are many who are willing to abort just becase the presence of a child would change their lifestyle. Our willingness to abort so many children (who may not be wanted by their parents, but are certainly wanted by others) is a symptom of a very selfish generation