Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Creeping Out of The Woodwork

Originally posted by The Realist

Another elderly-god-freak has put in his unelected voice into the ‘debate’ on abortion. Just when I thought this unwanted argument had been terminated. I read about this on the tube this morning and was incensed. I contemplated why I was angry and then realised that if this was coming from doctors and/or health professionals, I'd think ‘Ok, your call. You have all the empirical evidence, you know best’. But this demand for a change in UK law is coming from an unelected, unqualified man, expressing his interpretation of someone else’s interpretation of the views of the god of one of the five main religions.

I agree with this man that ‘these are profoundly moral issues’, but do not confuse morality with religion. The implication is that there is no morality without religion which is, of course, nonsense.

What does amuse me about all of this is that the church (in the UK) is an almost entirely defunct body. It is a body of elderly, homophobic men excreting outdated sentiments to a population no longer listening. With a membership shrinking faster than Michael Jackson’s Christmas card list, the church is now reduced to banging its sceptre on the ecclesiastical drum of single issue politics.

It is effectively advertising its death throws.

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Anonymous said...

Catholic Priests? Homophobes? The empirical evidence suggests not!