Thursday, March 17, 2005

The joys of waking up early

Originally posted by The Realist

Observations from this morning:

13 hours straight sleep makes you mentally alert, but physically exhausted.

Swiss people don’t take any shit.

On public transport, there will always be those amongst us who want to walk quickly, yet there will always be those who insist on shuffling along leisurely. The budget should have allowed for cattle prods to be issued to fast walkers.

There should be an extremist wing of people who believe there is no god.

No pop lyrics have ever, ever surpassed the lyrics of The Smiths.

Despite Iraq, I’m going to vote Labour.

My iPod has made my life 17% better.

‘Church setting news agenda’ is just an unpleasant memory. For now.


Ms Jones said...

Don't get me started on them there Smiths

Anonymous said...

ms jones - so you have time to read but not to write??

Richard Leyland said...

Why pamper lifes complexity when the leisure runs smooth on the passenger seat?

The Realist said...

Oh, so so many inspired and inspiring lyrics. As can be seen above, some people disagree with me on this one. Normally when people disagree with me, I don't feel an emotion. This is because I know I am right. However, in this scenario I feel a sense of pity.

Oh, hi Richard - thanks for dropping by - hope you like the site!