Saturday, March 12, 2005


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Catholics, Nigerians and right-wing Americans form an unlikely union who believe that ‘life must be protected at all costs’. This assertion offends me when related to both ends of the (literal) lifecycle. Millions wax lyrical on birth control, so I’ll concentrate on the less glamorous and less newsworthy world of prolonging life:

The pope is going to die. The ill health he has suffered would have finished off most people. Most people, however, have not been kept uber-healthy by the rich food and even richer doctors he has been privy to. Food and care, incidentally, paid for by the desperate catholic Africans mentioned in another post…

I look forward (in time, not in anticipation) to when his life is at an end. His frail body experiencing the intolerable, searing, white-hot pain of pre-death, confused and frightened as his cardinals (carrying out the Papal laws he himself wrote) order doctors that they are not, under any circumstances, to stop the machines which are keeping him alive – ‘this is what he would have wanted’.

In reality of course, I don’t wish pain on anyone, but it would be ironic if a man who is directly responsible for the untold suffering of millions suffers an uncivilised and agonising death caused by his own (incorrect) assertions that all life is sacred.

A victim of his own success.

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