Tuesday, April 19, 2005

‘How can I have sex with you when I’m in love with Jesus?’

Originally posted by The Realist

A couple of days ago, through late-night-bleary eyes, I was watching a poor quality TV show which looked at those Americans who forgo pre-marital sex. Because Christians told them to. What it showed was examples of abstinence groups in action – on campuses and in the community. The slightly glazed looks and the steely determination with which they spoke reminded me of one thing and one thing only: Pre-war Nazi Germany.

It all came together in that moment – like some beautiful epiphany – the single-minded, indoctrinated, xenophobic, blind faith, oppressive, and most worryingly of all, evangelistic nature of it all is exactly like the blonde Nazi youth. Jesus, even the nationalism is thrown into the mix for good measure.

Of course, people who pledge themselves to abstinence are, statistically, just as likely to have sex before marriage yet (and this is the killer!) are less likely to use contraception. Another perfect example of puritanical nonsense!

I’m just glad that, much as I moan, England is never, ever going to be like that. Despite this nonsense today.


Citizen Sane said...

Loved the title by the way. Did you nick that from The Onion?

The Realist said...


Please note that you have to say it in the voice of a whining, 17 year old Mid-West girl for it to be fully effective.