Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Oooh! I’m all of a quiver!

Originally posted by The Realist

Will it be white smoke?!?!? Black smoke?!?? A liberal??!? A conservative?!? A European??!? An African?!?!!

Anyway you look at it, he’s going to be a fucking murdering cunt. A genocidal maniac, directly responsible for millions of deaths from backstreet abortions (and no, pro-lifers, I don’t mean the deaths of fuck-cell-clusters), HIV, syphilis, hepatitis in Argentina, Ireland, Spain, Nigeria – the whole world.

The only thing I take solace in is that your silly ideas are increasingly being rejected in Western societies. Surely we have a service to the developing world to limit the influence of this ‘infallible’ man in this, a very fallible world.


Citizen Sane said...

Shock throughout the world as the Catholic Church appoints an elderly, conservative cardinal as pope! A controversial move there from the otherwise forward thinking institution.

Anonymous said...

Looks like they outdid themselves with the election of the Panzer Pope.

Well if nothing else it will hurry along the death of the Catholic church in Western society.

Do we count Italy as part of Western society though?

Laura said...

And The Sun headline: Papa Ratzi

that's the only good thing to come out of this. A headline that made me chuckle on the commute to work.


Anonymous said...

Directly responsible - don't be daft. These poor unfortunates that he is apparently slaughtering, are, in most cases are in possesion of free will. Another point, your arguments (which are a little ranting) only hold up if you can show a relationship between Roman Catholicism and these problems, once you have stripped out other social/medical/economic factors. I somehow doubt that this relationship is significant

The Realist said...

To be honest, I’m not too concerned about your doubts, because you are wrong. Your argument (such as it is) does not even corroborate itself. The ‘poor unfortunates’ you refer to are not in ‘possesion’ (sic) of free will – that’s my point. How can they be when their opinions (re contraception) are dictated by Catholic doctrine?

Ergo, a relationship between Catholicism and the problems I’ve mentioned.

mAc Chaos said...

I'd imagine that if people actually followed the Church's doctrine in regards to sex, maintained within a relationship in a marriage, then there wouldn't be much use in worrying in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Your initial post said that he was 'directly responsible' for the deaths of many. No he is not, he expounds a particular behaviour code, which we can choose to follow in total, partially or not at all - it is up to the individual how they respond to his teachings. You may say that they have to do as they are told (I imagine you are thinking of contraception) becuase they as Catholics do not want to commit sins, but if this was their view then in most cases they would not find themseles in abortion 'clinics' or with STD's.
I am not wrong, I just have a different point of view to you - a militant liberal.

sparx said...

A question or two for Mac Chaos and Anon. What is wrong with having sex with someone you love but aren't married to? Why is it so important to be wed before shagging? Why is it wrong to NOT want to bring new life into this already overcrowded world? Why should any religion worry about what people get up to in their own bedrooms and what the hell has that got to do with having a good afterlife?

These things are natural and you're not going to stop people doing them. I find it reprehensible that someone considers it OK to play on peoples fears and spread lies to further their own twisted interpretation of one of many doctrines in this world.

sparx said...
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mAc Chaos said...

I'm no Catholic, but even I can tell that the entire point is to fight human nature, not embrace it. Human nature is bad, not good; when one gives into their violent impulses and so on, you can see what can happen.

The point over contraception seems moot; if somebody doesn't' care about God's word that they'll break a major part of it by having sex outside of marriage and having lots of it, somehow I doubt a scolding that they will earn God's wrath by not wearing a condom is going to do anything. In other words, you're acting like these people are suddenly going to take heed, when it doesn't matter.