Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Other news while I was away

Apparently an octogenarian gentleman passed away in Rome.

Watching CNN (and, being in Spain, I had no other choice), you would think that nothing else had happened in the world. Ever. It was the sole news story for three days solid. Whilst recognising that this was A Big Event for a lot of people, it was also an irrelevance to a lot of others. Surely something else could have squeezed into the news schedule?

Still, the fact that our beloved Charles and Camilla have had to postpone their wedding because it clashes with the Pope's funeral brought a smile to my face. Talk about irony on a jaw-dropping scale. Even in death, John Paul II is blocking the re-marriage of two divorcees. Not just any old divorcees either: the future head of the Church of England and his wife to be. Hilarious! If you listen very carefully you can hear King Henry VIII turning in his grave. . . .

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