Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Originally posted by The Realist

Oh, it’s a liberal nightmare alright - what to do about be-hooded yobs (it comes from ‘boy’ spelt backwards, interestingly enough) and their presence in our beloved shopping malls?

As with all these things, the best approach is to take a step back and think. My thought process went something like:

Do I still feel 19 and, in essence, against ‘the man’ telling anyone what to wear? Or, am I physically sick at the sight of the menacing youths on my street corner every night? Is this whole ‘issue’ a spin off from some focus group in Enfield and I’m just getting caught up in the hysteria? Is this some kind of hideous middle-class backlash which I’m unwittingly becoming party to?

I then took another step back and thought:

Actually, Realist, this is a non-story. Private companies can insist on what people who patronise their premises wear. Nightclubs can insist on dress code, schools demand uniforms, high street banks don’t allow motorcycle helmets, so end of.

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