Friday, May 06, 2005

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. find out what it means to me

A real shame to see the return of George Galloway at the expense of Oona King in Bethnal Green and Bow. I was sincerely hoping that this Stalinist throwback would disappear into the political ether. But alas, he's back, having ousted Oona King on a single issue: the Iraq war. Ms King has served Bethnal Green and Bow (one of the country's poorest and most ethnically diverse constituencies) since 1997 and has won plaudits for her hard work, especially on housing. In any other instance you would expect her to be returned without question. But Galloway, utilising his (unfathomable) popularity with Muslims, fought this election on a single, national (in fact, international) issue and won.

This is a man, as we all know, who snuggled up to tyrannical despot Saddam Hussein (whose hands were still warm from recently gassing thousands of Kurds to death), and said: "Sir, I salute your courage, your strength, your indefatigability." Apparently, this quote was "taken out of context". Really? Perhaps the preceding lines were full of fierce admonishment, but he stuck that on the end to finish on a positive note. Maybe the full text went something like this: "Saddam, you are a vile and murderous villain. A bandit elevated to statesman. You are human excrement but, sir, I salute your courage, your strength, your indefatigability." He might as well have got down on his knees and gobbled the old tyrant's cock. No doubt that would have been "taken out of context" by the imperialist, capitalist media as well.

Galloway's return is a pox on us all.


ph said...

Of course Galloway's success is unfathomable - you (I assume) are not a Muslim. I suggest you try and adopt a more multicultural outlook.

Titwitch said...

Citizen Sane, I salute you sir for having the ability to make me laugh out loud (as ever) at the mere mention of gobbling cock.

Anonymous said...

Galloway seems a mass of contradictions; on the one hand, one of the most compelling socialists of his generation; on the other (as anyone would have seen from Jeremy Paxman's interview with him about 4.30 this morning) an arrogant, menacing, vindictive little shit.

Whilst on the subject of 'multiculuralism', I assume PH naturally favours tolerance and respect among all races/religions etc. What does he make, therefore, of Galloway's shameful exploitation of Muslim hostility towards King because of her mixed race background? Specifically, stating that King’s support for the Iraq war meant she had colluded in the killing of 100,000 people "including a lot of women who had blacker faces than hers".

Makes Howard's campaign on immigration look like high principle.

ph said...

Anon - Of course I advocate tolerance between races and religions. That is because I was brought up in a culture that values those things. However some other cultures may not advocate what I advocate, and if we believe in multiculturalism then we must tolerate other culture's beliefs no matter how abhorrent we find them. You appear to only want to tolerate other culture's beliefs as long as they do not offend you.

Citizen Sane said...

Thanks titwitch. Can always rely on that one.

Anonymous - you are bang on. Galloway is a self-serving, self-publicising, narcissistic fuckwit. His support of Hussein (and that's what it was, don't get bogged down in his protestations of "context") and his cohorts is downright vile. To then use his anti-war stance to whip up Muslim support in such a way is revolting. He claims that the war in Iraq was/is a "war on Muslims". No it isn't. Let's reiterate the facts again: Galloway was in league with, and publically spoke up for, genocidal murderers.

ph - Your last comment doesn't make any sense at all. You seem to be implying that lack of tolerance is ingrained in Muslim culture. Firstly, that is a highly contentious (not to mention a racist) generalisation. I suggest YOU adopt a more multicultural outlook, or properly explain what you mean for once. Secondly, our society contains a vast array of differing opinions quite nicely, but when this manifests itself in death threats as it did (for both candidates ironically) in Bethnal Green And Bow, we should not accept that at all. That is fascistic behaviour and cannot be tolerated either from extreme Islamists or white supremacists.

ph said...

I you think all cultures are equally tolerant then you are greatly mistaken. Just because you wish they were does not mean they are.
In fact all I was trying to do was provide a possible answer to why Gorgeous George's win was 'unfathomable' as the initial blog put it.
No one else seems to have come up with an answer, my suggestion that it is a cultural thing stands.
If I did imply Islam was less tolerant than mainstream irreligeous Britain, it is not racist. Islam is a pan global religion which appeals to people of many many different races. In fact within Islam there are many cultures, some supremely tolerant of others beliefs and some most certainly not.

ph said...

There seems to be a little over reaction to Galloway. Yes he is a dreadful self publicist and seems to not care at all about anything but himself, but in the Paxman interview it was old Paxo that looked like an arse. What answer did he want - "Yes I agree if the sitting MP is a woman, black and oh yes beautiful as well, then really no one should stand against her"

Anonymous said...

Galloway has stood up the right wing media press, who have been pushing for him to be dropped off a cliff for a long time. I totaly support Galloway in every way, standing up and letting himself be counted, please lets not forget the many other politicians that have done business with me Hussein from both sides of the Atlantic