Saturday, June 04, 2005

Soldier's latest book review 'not helpful' reports Allah

Originally posted by The Realist

Guantanamo is an abhorration. Illegal, unnecessary and ineffective. America should be absolutely ashamed of itself over this one. Oh, and the truth re the Koran-abuse has come out today – my favourite passage has to be:

‘In one instance, a guard was said to have urinated near an air vent. The wind allegedly blew his urine through the vent, soiling one detainee and his Koran.’

US soldiers all over the world will die as a result of this.

And bloggers in the US think it's all very petty – I mean, it’s just a book, right? Now, the four regular readers we have will know that I despise religion in all its pathetic, superstitious, nonsensical forms, however if dark-skinned people illegally held priests from the US and pissed on the bible in front of them, these same bloggers would be weeping.

Like Jesus.


Citizen Sane said...

Oh Realist! What you say is just and fair. And true. But in the spirit of consistency, should not the de-capitalisation of "bible" that you have deliberately applied also apply to the "koran"? After all, they are both fairy stories masquerading as life codes, are they not?

The Realist said...

Aha, you are correct Sir. This particular rant was constructed the morning after late beers with my old work mates. Although that is no excuse for poor (and loaded!) syntax...

mAc Chaos said...

If somebody treated the Bible or some other holy text that way I would be disappointed and note their lack of manners, but nothing more than that.