Friday, June 24, 2005

They Say That Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Originally posted by The Realist

Quite a week or two for The Realist. Not content with being run over, fate* has deemed it necessary to ensure that my best friend, currently in Manhattan, is going through the most hideous, protracted break up since I had my wisdom tooth out. So, he’s back over here and it’s been down to me to look after him.

Any emotional change is hard, but break-up pain hurts more than any other type of pain. Except toothache. The process also feels like it’s going to last forever, however it takes three months. I'll tell you how it gets better:

To start of, you think about it all of the time, then most of the time (sometimes forgetting it and then remembering it - that's the worst stage), then it's just sometimes, then rarely, then almost never. And (and this is the bit I like), when you're at the 'almost never' stage and it pops into your head, you smile at the fact that you're not cut up about it.

*There is no such thing as fate.

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ph said...

Hope you are recovering from your trauma.
As for fate, even though it does not exist, it is best not to tempt it - just in case