Thursday, July 14, 2005

Oh, well done boys.

Originally posted by The Realist

So gentlemen, I am presuming that you are looking down from allah’s right hand side, proud of what you have achieved. No? And the virgins you were promised? No, not there either? Oh, I see. Perhaps you reached the afterlife* only to discover that, in fact, Quakerism was the correct religion! Oh, you’ll be kicking yourself now. And kicking allah.

I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it many times again – the sooner that we, as a world, stop this superstitious bullshit defining how we operate towards each other, the sooner we can just go about our business like the amazing species we should (and could) be.

Another irony is that it was a truly naff effort. Apparently, the aim was to create a giant cross across London (er, can anyone appreciate the irony of that?!) but instead they spelt a T.

For Twats.

*There is no such thing as the afterlife.


Anonymous said...

I fear a world without spiritual beleif and you fear a world with it. Although I am agnostic I easily understand the negative view of religeon and agree even as I disagree. Communism, fascism, and the quest for natural resources have caused more suffering than intermittent historical religeous bloodbaths even today. Hitler (killed 7 million Christians, Gypsy's and genetic inferiors plus 6 million more Jews) Stalin, - hundreds of millions dead, Cambodian killing fields, Viet Cong revenge, China has invaded every one of it's many neighbors, Musolinni, Japan, WWI, the many revolutions all through Central America, Cuba, tamming the American west, The masive corruption and suffering in Mexico, South America, our Civil War, the unbelievable suffering and atrosicities in Africa. These are not necesarily Religeous Conflicts! Spiritual Judgement condemns them whereas secularism would simply call them brutal enemy and various other names. Considering the true nature of man we owe all that is good to love of family/friends and spiritual questions and judgements regardless of secular evil guising itself as spiritual.

The religeous lunitics you see would dawn any robe of hatred if spirituality had never originated. It is for our benifit they claim spirituality. They belong to a universal cult of criminals and when alliances serve no purpose against what is called good they destroy one another.

Spirituality does not promote or support rampant child pornography and divorce, prostitution, drugs and alcohol, violence, or conflict.

scuse my splling.

Anonymous said...

I am waiting to be intellectually flogged or accused of abusing the alphabet.
dw USA