Monday, July 11, 2005

"Owners of unattended items will be destroyed."

Inevitably, we now live in a city of continual security alerts, where any suspect package is considered a threat. Inconvenient, but obviously necessary given recent events. I'm sure we've all been caught up in, or held up by, a security alert over the last four days. My building was 'invacuated' (yes, apparently, there is such a thing) on Friday: we all had to go and linger in the basement while some abandoned item was investigated on a bus right outside our building. The whole area around St. Paul's Cathedral was shut down and blocked off. Turned out to be nothing, but weird all the same.

Anyway, it occurred to me that in order to minimise disruption what we need is some drastic ruling to stop morons leaving their baggage unattended on buses, tubes and trains. As well as destroying the item in question, they should also destroy the owner when he/she has been located. This would serve a dual purpose: firstly it would cut down on false alarms and the resultant panic and disruption they cause; secondly, it would also get rid of a few more idiots who don't realise that walking away from a suitcase in the middle of Waterloo station in the current environment is a bit stupid.

A bit drastic, perhaps, but we live in extreme times.


Laura said...

The stupid idiot at new beckenham station is up first. 3 hours late for work

ph said...

Its seems that it is just like the 70's and 80's what with all these bomb scares - can't wait to get back to Old London Town

Citizen Sane said...

Where DO you live, ph? You mentioned something about Borneo the other day didn't you?

ph said...

I live in London, I was in Borneo (Sarawak) working, but am now back in London, somewhat bleary eyed.

Anonymous said...

Am sorry to hear of the terrorists pigs threatening London. I fear they are planning something wide spread here and wish they could understand that if they seriously harm our nation anarchy will temporarilly result and our vengence will have a small window of opportunity. I fear we will profile with a vengence.
dw usa

Ammie said...

anonymous, this has nothing to do with your nation, this is about London, ok?

(sorry for being a cheeky blogger on your site, but that last comment just wound me up)

Anonymous said...

amie, I did not say that I would partake of violence although I did leave that impression and apologize and am a little embarrased. If even one of two certain people here even remotely suggest they do not want me here I would not return however your remarks do make me feel like an intruder as you intended.

You saw my initials at the bottom of my comment yet prefer to call me anonymous. Why is that?