Thursday, July 07, 2005

They'll never succeed

It's all the more revolting that these attacks took place on the day that G8 were due to meet and discuss the two biggest issues facing the future of this planet: world poverty and global warming. Discussions were meant to be taking place that might, just might, make the world a slightly better and fairer place. Instead, the day was hijacked by demented extremists who want to drag the world back to the middle ages.

Well, they'll never succeed.

It's kind of ironic that they should target London, where around seven million people of different race, nationality, religion and outlook live in close proximity to one another in near harmony. Sure, there are tensions like anywhere else, but for the most part people live happily side by side. The people who committed these acts today oppose that sort of thing. They don't want tolerance. They don't want personal freedoms. They don't want education. They don't want sexual equality. They want to apply a twisted version of an otherwise peaceful faith upon everybody. They are fascists, in the purest sense of the word. As a liberal who embraces Enlightenment values, they are anathema to me. I hope they are hunted down like dogs and eliminated.

This is not patriotic fervour speaking. Nor is this an anti-Islam tirade (I'm sure many of the murdered and injured people today were Muslim - don't let anyone tell you that these people speak for the Muslim community at large. They absolutely do not).

No. This is the indignation of the modern, civilised world against a murderous, totalitarian ideology.


ph said...

I am not sure what these people want and I am sure that they don't either, but I bet that they are the sort of chaps who cannot get girl friends.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gawd. you hit on it ph.
It's their frustration getting out!!

Some well made points here. I think it would go a long way to fixing things if we all understood each other. Them us, and us them.

The Realist said...

Had that conversation in the pub last night - lot of backed up semen involved there. I'm not going to blog on this subject today as Citizen Sane has, as always, crystalised the argument perfectly. I'm just glad we're all ok and that London - the greatest show on earth - has not and will not be defeated by, well, anything.


mAc Chaos said...

I completely forgot about checking over here on the day of the attacks. Glad to know both of you are safe.

Em said...

It still doesn't seem real? I was well away from the bombs but it was still so scary. I've spent five years using the tubes and letting my overactive imagination run wild. Now it has actually happened. I have linked to your blog on mine as I enjoyed reading it so!