Monday, September 12, 2005

A conspiracy of silence speaks louder than words

Long time, no speak. Time for a bullet point blog.

  • How could anyone, anyone, have any faith in the leadership qualities of George W. Bush in the light of the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and the subsequent response? Bumbling incompetence on a massive scale from the top down. This man is clearly not suited to the highest office in the world - I wouldn't trust him to sit the right way round on a lavatory. Four years on from 9/11 and the US government is still totally unprepared to cope with any major catastrophe. Nero fiddled while Rome burned; Bush played the guitar while New Orleans flooded. Clinton was impeached for getting a blow job; Bush floundered while people died. Shame it's not an election year. . .
  • By barely beating Wales and losing to Northern Ireland, the England football team have once again shown themselves to be a collection of vastly overpaid, underperforming, prima donnas. Sven, meanwhile, has the tactical nous of beef dripping and all the passion of a pumice stone. Doesn't give us much hope for Germany 2006 does it? If we even get there.
  • Still, there's always the cricket, which seems to be bursting everyone's hymens at the moment.
  • Christopher Hitchens v George Galloway, NYC, Sept 14th. Oh, how I would LOVE to see this. Hitchens is a legend. I hope he wipes the floor with him.
  • By considering a flat tax for the UK, the Conservative Party have put me in hitherto unexplored territory: being genuinely interested in one of their potential policies. This is something that, if done right, really could benefit everybody. Except, perhaps, several thousand public sector accountants at the Inland Revenue. But I can't see anybody weeping for them, can you? Then again, Will Hutton begs to differ and has subsequently contradicted every positive thing I've ever read about it.
  • Excellent - a new look Guardian, in Berliner size. Now I no longer have to plump for The Times or The Independent for my morning read on the train. Broadsheets can at last be consigned to the dustbin of history. Unless you're a Daily Telegraph reader, that is, in which case you can be consigned to the dustbin of history.


Titwitch said...

Good to have you back Citizen Sane. It's been way too long!

Citizen Sane said...

Thanks titwitch. It's good to be back.

the thin white duke said...

The Ashes are back in England and Citizen Sane is posting again. All is right with the world.

Citizen Sane said...

Indeed! Sanity is restored!

tafka PP said...

Was almost offended when you went silent immediately following my blogrolling you- but now you are back with covert Rowan Atkinson references to boot. Praise be.

Anonymous said...

Good to read some new thoughts. I was with you all the way till you de-famed the Telegraph. Still the UK's best selling "broadsheet".

ph said...

How I really wish we do not get to the world cup. Ignimony and defeat is what we deserve, which will hopefully rid it of all those mockney middle classes parading their street cred by imagining they are a little bit like the chavs playing on the pitch. Let us hope to God that they do not switch their allegence to cricket.

Citizen Sane said...

purpleparrot - well done with the Rowan Atkinson spot. Didn't think anyone would be familiar with that one.

Anonymous - I suspect that the Telegraph will forever be the UK's best selling broadsheet now.

ph - how I have missed your angry rants!

I feel quite emotional.

Alex Swanson said...

"Bumbling incompetence"? How about the reaction from the Mayor of New Orleans and the Governor of Lousisana, who seem to have broken all records for inactivity - and we're talking total zero motion here - both before and since the emergency? Or are they not in any way connected with or responsible for the welfare or safety of people in New Orleans or Louisiana?

As for the Federal reaction being less than perfect, I wonder if you have ever been involved in disaster planning. I've done DR planning for computer systems, and not only is it fiendishly complicated, you almost never get it right first time - it takes regular rehearsals to work out the bugs and keep them out. And that's just for the systems to run one company. From where I'm sitting, FEMA did as well as could be expected, as well as it would have done under Bush, and a lot better than this government's appalling efforts on foot and mouth.

Citizen Sane said...

Well, my exact words were "bumbling incompetence on a massive scale from the top down".

The response at a federal and a local level seemed hopelessly disorganised for the best part of a week. Bush and his cohorts were all invisible for the first few, tragic days. Why? As the President, Bush has to take the flack for both personal and departmental ineffectivenes. But taking responsibility isn't something that comes naturally to this administration. "Stuff happens", as Donald Rumsfeld once said.

Incidentally, yes I have been involved in DR/BCP planning on several occasions. You're right, it is very difficult. But when there's a national organisation that has been given billions of dollars of funding to prepare for this sort of emergency over the last few years, it's not unreasonable to expect some action from day one, is it?

Someone has to take some heat. And it should be Bush.

Anonymous said...

Louisiana is a clusterfuck of a state and has been for 40 years, Everybody knows it howbeit they would not use those terms. The Blacks have the leadeship they demanded and that state sucks our coffers to no end and this calamity exposes the ugly truths about what has been accomplished. Enormous funds were appropiated years ago to built up the levy to withstand a cat5 according to my reading but were used for other welfare programs. Have you heard anything about the whites that were trapped? Or the ugly truths of why those that live there did not want the refugees in their neighborhood regardless of our rightful judgements about that you may have done the same had you lived there. Hell, their own mayor would not even move them to higher ground and we have all seen the satalite photos of the numerous busses ready for use and not used in the aftermath.I care only for the children and old folks there. You liberals refuse to smell the the dogshit on the street. You just step over it or blame the wrong people, anyone except who shit there. You cannot even asess who shit there just believe the antagonists and indulge in result orientated research.

Imagine theres no people... that are force fed victumhood and are pampered and catered to and can live whole lives without ever having had a job and numerous children by multiple fathers and refuse to be educated or assimilate into an obviously superior culture that welcomes them. Is that offensive... 'obviously superior' It is also to those we have sacrificed to enlighten to no avail. And if you think so to you deserve the calamity subcultures and enemies wish upon you. My country is a gracious host to people from all over the world. Most come to love and respect us, Those that do not join forces to harm and accuse us. Many of our Blacks refuse to forgive the past and that is their undong and they are racist because of their leadership. I have never heard a single Black ask to be reoperated back to Africa, what does that say?

Imagine theres no superior culture to carve out an unbelievable haven of prosperity and security and purposely fuck it up by planting unenlightened subcultures through out its kingdom and welcomnimg them to participate in making changes more to their liking before they even learn English.

Like my post before you won't comprehend this as it is a picture and here only out of context pieces are welcomed.

Hurricae Katrina has exposed the Liberal and they are in an insane frenzy to cover it up and blame others.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I do not post anonymously, I am Don Whitmire and I do not hide from anything I say.

ph said...

C.S. - Thanks for welcoming back my angry rants. But I have a long way to go to get up to Don's level.

Citizen Sane said...

A bit too much to take in there. My point was that the leadership from the top was poor. Even Bush admits that now, and is even taking responsibility:,16441,1569424,00.html

Interesting that he chose to break off a holiday earlier this year to try and keep a woman who was already clinically dead alive. There was no such urgency here, was there?

Also, my understanding was that federal funding for the levees was reduced in 2001 even though such a calamity has been widely predicted for years.

As for the rest of your points, well, you're making an awful lot of assumptions and generalisations about what "we liberals" think. The arguments you've made are a quantum leap away from the point I was making. So really, I'm not too sure who you're arguing with.

Anonymous said...

lol Good point. I am so vast and observvant that I cannot possibly condense my understanding into chapters and verses for sake of enlightning. You guys are lucky I even try.

By the way funding was reduced yet funds were previously given, Maybe they were reduced because they would again be wasted.

How do you feel about Bush taking blame for the incompetence of others? Really throws a monkey wrench in the spokes of the Liberal tricycle. Gettin harder and harder for em to tote that hate wagon. dw

Citizen Sane said...

How do you feel about Bush taking blame for the incompetence of others?
I don't really "feel" anything about it to be honest. Nice to see him taking the flak for something though. And having the balls to admit screwing up.

Really throws a monkey wrench in the spokes of the Liberal tricycle.
I wouldn't know. I've never ridden the "liberal tricycle". Shame, it sounds fun.

Gettin harder and harder for em to tote that hate wagon.
I'll take your word for it. I've never ridden the "hate wagon" either. But I do think Bush is an embarrassment to your country. That's my only point really.

Anonymous said...

All points taken. Bush does embarass me personally at times. I cannot asess Blair according you your national interests and needs but respect him greatly for his support and respect for us and I demand that my country support your nation in any help it would request. thnx for the responese. dw