Monday, September 26, 2005

Let me tell you how it will be…

Originally posted by The Realist

So, with unremitting support from senior colleagues, it looks as if Gordon Brown is going to be crowned King Gordon the First, come 2007. Should we be worried? Well, no, not really. He’s wise enough to know that he needs to please those around him first, the electorate second, the party third and the Unions well, not at all really. Considering what his Granita–dinner–date did to them, he doesn’t need to enter them into the equation. He can get away with anything. But does he want to? Probably not. Conversely, I think we can dismiss any notion of him being a socialist Trojan horse. He’ll merely continue to pursue his slightly left of centre agenda, continuing his subtle redistribution program.

If he’s wise, he’ll take a course in Alastair 101 and use the New Labour stalwart of five pledges. Something along the lines of:

1) No increases in income tax
2) No re-nationalisation
3) Continued independence of the Bank of England
4) No increase in national insurance contributions
5) Radical reform of the Civil Service

will be enough to reassure me.

Mind you, I’m still having warm, slightly moist dreams about flat taxes (‘That’s 22 for you, 78 for me’)


Anonymous said...

Thats all very well but why does his 'subtle redistribution program' always involve taking loads from those of us earning marginally over the national average and nothing from the rich?

Then, worst of all, giving it to sponging layabouts who wouldn't take a job even if it only involved rubbing tanning oil onto Kelly Brooks Baps!

Damn socialists. GB.

The Realist said...

Agreed and agreed. I think that some of the policies (Sure start, working tax credits) have made the sponging layabouts go back to work, which can only be a good thing. Unless they're rubbing tanning oil on Ms. Brooks.

ph said...

Not convinced at all by Brown. Somehow he seems to have constructed a FairyLand British economy generally based on spending, spending and more spending - generally of money that belongs to someone else.
He appears to be flapping his arms to stop the chickens roosting, but will he be able to flap hard enough