Thursday, October 27, 2005

Talking of global armageddon. . .

The victory of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the Iranian presidential "elections" in June caused consternation amongst Iran watchers. An unashamed religious conservative, he represents a hardline antidote to reform and a blatant return to the (there is no other word for it) fascism favoured by the aged Islamic clerics who, in reality, hold all the true political power in the country.

Frightening enough in itself, given Iran's notorious belligerence. Scarier still, given their ambitions to become a nuclear power, were the comments Ahmadinejad made yesterday at a conference in Tehran called "The World Without Zionism":

"There is no doubt that the new wave in Palestine will soon wipe off this disgraceful blot from the face of the Islamic world... As the Imam (Khomeini) said, Israel must be wiped off the map."

"Anybody who recognises Israel will burn in the fire of the Islamic nation's fury. Anybody who recognizes the Zionist regime is acknowledging the surrender and defeat of the Islamic world."

Yadda, yadda, yadda. At least we know where he stands.

Not a very smart move whichever way you look at it. Ahmadinejad cannot be ignorant of the fact that there are many neo-con hawks in Washington waiting for justification to launch a military offensive against his country, and here he is handing it to them on a plate. He may think that Iran has an "inalienable right" to pursue nuclear power (for peaceful means, of course. . . we're obviously not meant to draw a correlation between the desire to be nuclear and the desire to destroy Israel. Hmmm.) but there won't now be a government in the world prepared to defend such a course of action. Not openly anyway, and not outside of the Middle East.

Clearly he knows how to whip up hatred in his homeland, but knows next to nothing about garnering international favour. Then again, reading some of the nonsense on this comment board, maybe he won't meet much resistance after all:

"Iran has every right to develop its nuclear power and even its nuclear weapons if they wish, considering the pre-emptive aggressive nature of other nations in the world."
Phil, Dublin, Ireland

Okaaaay. But how many of them publicly endorse the annihilation of an entire state and race in advance? Are you saying we should sit back and wait on this one? Twat.

"America and Britain have provoked more wars than Iran and are trusted with nuclear power. The Iranian people gained the right to determine their own future in 1979 and America has no right to take it from them again."
Chris Potter, Melbourne, Australia

See above. Also, we are nuclear powers that adhere to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. A crucial difference, wouldn't you say? India and Pakistan managed to get through, but that doesn't mean we should relax and let Iran in the nuclear club as well. (Even worse, there's also North Korea to contend with.) And as for the "right to determine their own future", well. . . firstly, there are serious question marks over the legitimacy of the Iranian elections that were held in June, so who is determining what exactly? Secondly, following your "argument" to its conclusion, you must also think it acceptable for Iran to determine the future of Israel, the Middle East and the rest of the world too. Fuckwit.



dw said...

Hey CS, I they want something. Probably the US and Britian to promise they won't hurt them and will give them some money. They are neither insane nor stupid. They're just fanatics that can be bought, bribed or intimidated if done according to Islamic sensitivities. Maybe they want us to stop encouraging that democratic movement in their country.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure, despite the violently anti-semitic comments made by the President of a country building up nuclear weapons, some will still think America/Britain etc has no right to be involved - as they'd rather support Islamic fascism than believe the west is right on anything.

A kind of reverse racism.

Citizen Sane said...

You're right. I think those comments I took from that BBC opinion page were the most depressing thing of all. Wretched, intellectually bankrupt, moral equivalence that only discredits the left. Michael Moore horseshit.

*in squeaky voice* "But America is an evil imperialist nation and George Bush is the biggest threat to world peace and it's only about oil and. . . .".

Oh, shut the fuck up.

tafka PP said...

Unsurprisingly, I'm genuinely terrified too.

And I do hope that all those lovely commentators and "reverse racists" stop and use their brains for a moment before rushing to take the side of this maniac. Quite selfish of me, I realise, but I don't particularly want to be atomised in the name of hanging about to see how serious the Iranians are about "determining their own future".

DW said...

On the one hand I honestly do not understand the Islamic mentality. On the other, they are human, and are capable if enlightenment. Their leadership and religeous education needs to be revised but their spiritual heiarchy is written in stone and infallable and they have no spiritual revolutionaries willing to risk (or definately) lose their heads as many in past Europe have done.

ph said...

I imagine that at some point (long before we need to worry) Israel will sort out the problem in their own way.

As to the Islamic way of thinking, my experience (from travelling around the M.E.) is that even the most reasonable and pleasant Muslims live in a fantasy world. Well, either they live in a fantasy world or we do.

ph said...

I am supprised that you denegrate St. Michael Moore. I was of the opinion that he was regarded by the Liberal left as a moral deity and intellectual giant, rather than the money grabbing, fact fabricating celeb that he really is.

Citizen Sane said...

I'm surprised that, having been reading this blog for so long, you could possibly think that I fall under the category of the Michael Moore worshipping "liberal left" to which you refer.

mAc Chaos said...

The Iranian elections were as free, legitimate and fair as Saddam's or North Korea's.