Friday, November 11, 2005

The Friday Rant

Originally posted by The Realist

Please find below some interesting socially liberal news updates (some light hearted reading for a Friday).

1) Astonishingly, the 16 year old child of that Axon woman is pregnant! No, really. Now, the question I have is does the little girl (and that’s what she is) have any choice over what happens to this happy accident? Perhaps she thought ‘I don’t want a child – I’m a child myself! Fortunately, we are a humane, modern society and I’ve got choices. Phew’ No? No. Thought not. Perhaps she’ll get married to whichever 19 year old scally builder has impregnated her and they can raise the child as god (and her mother) sees fit? Well, either that or the (grand)mother can raise her sixth child.

2) Although this reads like an Onion headline, it’s actually true. One of America’s best loved (read: rabid, right-wing cunt) Jesus-talkers has put a holy curse on a whole town. Kapow! As far as I’m aware, the town is still standing however. Why would such a nice, old man do this you ask? Well, a school there is not teaching creationism (shut up, don’t split hairs) as science in its classrooms. Fortunately, the locals have taken a leaf from the book of The Realist and stopped this… this… this… this fucking nonsense.

3) It looks as if humanity has triumphed over superstition, with a test case resulting in a woman being allowed to die ‘peacefully and with dignity’. There needs to be a radical rethink of this whole area of law, with the grey areas sorted out once and for all. Doctors openly state that the current law is being flaunted on a daily basis, leaving members of the medical profession open to prosecution. Clarity please…


dw said...

You make some very good points Realist but the general condemnation of spirituality is a mistake in my view.

Did you guys get spammed, I see the word verification is enabled.

Citizen Sane said...

Yes, few too many spams for my (low) tolerance levels. You gotta hate those people.