Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Cameron have a go if you think you're hard enough

So it's official: there is a new Captain of the Titanic (otherwise known as the Conservative Party).

The results of the party faithful have been counted and it has come as a great surprise to absolutely nobody that David Cameron defeated David 'A Bit Creepy' Davis by 134,446 votes to 64,398. So this should make things interesting. The Conservatives have finally selected someone arguably capable of making their party electable again just as the Labour government have suffered the toughest couple of months in their history. I've argued elsewhere that Cameron probably isn't ready to take on Blair just yet, but he's got plenty of time to learn. In the meantime, he can take consolation from the fact that Labour's backbenchers are doing a pretty good job of keeping their leader's ambition in check by themselves. Meanwhile Gordon Brown, who is almost certain to be Cameron's opponent in the next general election, has had a bad couple of days after having been forced to admit that his sums haven't quite added up as he'd hoped. Economic growth, predicted to be 3-3.5% this year, has turned out to be more like 1.75%. In addition, he's been forced to go to the capital markets to plug the resultant spending gap, pushing UK government borrowing up to £37 billion. A real embarrassment for the man who prides himself on having steered the British economy so skilfully.

So Cameron certainly won't be short of ammunition on his first day in charge. The next Prime Minister's question time should make interesting viewing.


ph said...

Until yesterday I saw no end to the continual succession of New Labour governments. Now I can see there is a possibility of change, but it is far too early to bet the mortgage on it

Citizen Sane said...

Well he's got a much better chance than any of his predecessors. He'll have to work hard on renewing his party's image though. Very hard.

tafka PP said...

Well, there's a shocker. Now is it me, or does he not bear some resemblance to the lead singer from Keane?

(It might just be me.)

Citizen Sane said...

Nope, I'm with you on that one. There certainly is a resemblance - it's those boyish, chubby chops. Both posh kids too. Come to think of it, you never see them in the same room together do you?

Anonymous said...

Funnily enough, being an enthusiastic Cameron supporter, I actually think his performance at PMQs yesterday was good rather than spell-binding. Then again, I didn't expect anything more as he'd only been in the job a day.

But what the hell, the TV and papers are full of praise for his performance.

However, like people shouldn't underestimate Cameron in the coming months, I don't think they should underestimate Blair/Brown's ability to fight back at him. Did you see how animated Brown looked at PMQs yesterday?!


Laura said...

I can't stand PMQs. Cameron says he wants to be rid of the Punch and Judy aspect of it all... it will never happen!

Anonymous said...

I love PMQs, I think a good debate and a few insults really spices things up. I have quite a bit of respect for anyone who can land a verbal punch or a good counter attack. Fair enough some of it is embarrassing, but you have to take the bad with the good.

Its also good to see MPs/Cabinet Ministers put under pressure, Blair has done his best to mute parliament and very rarely meets the public/media, its all staged photo shoots these days.


Citizen Sane said...

I love PMQs too. Yes, it's a bit like a school playground but it's a good knockabout. Compared to the staid environment of something like the Senate you realise how special that kind of thing is.

H said...

Seemingly Cameron has lead the titanic to a lead in the polls. The question must surely be why? Does anyone believe he represents anything? Did he not go from being to the right of thatcher to being left of Gordon Brown? While I rejoice at the idea that British politics may become interesting again, I am dismayed that the fact that the leader of a party is vaguely shagable means that he deserves to rule the second most powerful country in the world. Is this not crazy? Do the british public not need to learn that just because he is young and fresh-faces actually does not mean he knows anything?

I am for some odd reason glad at this point in time, that I live in a country ruled over by a disgusting imitation of a whale who would have trouble exuding virility if he was hooked up to a viagra iv drip. While I may disagree with his politics, I am at least glad that our moronic country want him to continue to lead on a basis more sound than his pearly white teeth!

Citizen Sane said...

"Vaguely shaggable"? David Cameron????

He does nothing for me, I'm afraid.