Thursday, December 22, 2005

So this is Christmas. And what have you done?

It’s Christmas time. And, despite claims to the contrary, there are plenty of reasons to be afraid. But I’m not going to list them here - I’m sure we all have our own fears. Personally my biggest concern is that, if I carry on eating and drinking the way I have been then, come January 2006, I will look like the love child of Michael Moore and Michelle McManus – now that’s a lot of lard (and a lot of ‘m’s too).

Anyway, I’m going to be in Ireland for the jolly season. The Realist meanwhile will, I believe, be in his beloved Midlands. Watch this space for the Liberal Elite Year End Review – a rollercoaster ride through the chaos that was 2005.

If I can be bothered.


The Realist said...

And if I can be bothered... If not, a happy Christ*mas to our four readers!

Christ*, 2006 has to be better than the wretched nonsense that was 2005 - dumped, nearly bombed, another year of Bush, etc. Joy!

Yours, etc.

The Realist

*There is no such thing as Christ.

sparx said...

In that case, have a happy generic winter celebration and a alchohol fuelled New Year! As Labour told us in '98, 'Thing's can only get better'.

Anonymous said...

2006 will be a better year. Guaranteed. Merry Christmas. X.

Citizen Sane said...

Indeed. Happy Winter Solstice everyone. Let's make this year a pagan festival to remember.

But don't get me started on New Year. Celebrating the arrival of January is like throwing a party for irritable bowel syndrome.

(Sorry Realist, I know your birthday is in January, but it really is a shit time of year.)

Laura said...

Can't be as bad as the last couple of months, though, can it?

All my love to you and Citizeness... The Realist and I will toast to you in France