Thursday, January 26, 2006

Go on now go, walk out the door. Just turn around now, 'cause you're not welcome anymore.

Watching George Galloway being evicted last night was a highly enjoyable experience. Apparently it was the loudest round of boos ever received by a Big Brother evictee. You can say what you like about the British public, but they clearly recognise a shit when they see one.

He seemed genuinely bewildered by the amount of coverage he had received while being inside and I’m convinced, when they showed him the headlines from the newspapers about his antics, I saw shock and fear in his hateful little eyes. Bless. He was also reported to be dismayed that Channel 4 had chopped all his political speeches from being broadcast. Arf! So much for that then. Still, at least he achieved his main objective of reaching the “mass, young, overwhelmingly not-yet-political audience” that primarily watches the show.

Or perhaps not. A text message vote held on Chris Moyle’s Radio 1 breakfast show yesterday asked listeners (predominantly in their twenties) whether they liked or hated George Galloway. 19,661 people responded in the space of 20 minutes – 18,189 (a whopping 92.5%) of whom expressed a preference for the latter. I also laughed when Chantelle, a 22 year old dizzy fellow housemate on CBB, asked one of the others: “What’s the name of George’s band?” So after nearly three weeks in George’s constant company, she’s not even aware that George is a politician. Presumably, in her head, he’s some ageing C-list entertainer.

Mission accomplished then.

Right, that’s it. No more about this man from now on. I promise.



Rachie said...

Goddammit, but you do it so well. Can't you reserve a special occasional spot for him from now on?

Devil's Advocate said...

Something like 'What's George been up to this week?' etc

Citizen Sane said...

Don't worry, there will always be time and space made available on this blog to slag off my bĂȘte noire. Even if nobody else was reading, I'd still be doing it!

tafka PP said...

I just watched the video on the BBC link you so thoughtfully provided.

And I feel sick now.