Sunday, January 29, 2006

It could be you. But it almost certainly won't be.

Due to eleven successive rollovers, the EuroMillions lottery jackpot is predicted to stand at £125m on Friday. (That's $220m for any US readers.) A serious bit of cash by anyone's reckoning, and there has been a mad scramble for tickets as a consequence - sales are up 1,000 per cent as millions of people pursue the (highly unlikely) dream of winning this life-changing amount of money. "Life-changing" should be a condition of winning, by the way: I cannot stand those people who win millions of pounds and then say "Oh, it won't change my life. I'll carry on working at the dung factory". There should be a clause of instant confiscation should anyone utter those words. Sorry, but if winning millions of pounds isn't going to change your life, then you don't deserve it and it should go to a more worthy cause (i.e. ME).

Anyway, according to this website, the chances of winning the jackpot are 1 in 99,884,400. That's roughly the same odds as Simon Hughes being the next Prime Minister, Wayne Rooney being awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature or Stephen Hawking winning the 400m hurdles at the 2008 Olympics. In fact, you are fifty times more likely to be struck by lightning and, by that logic (presumably - I'm no statistician), just as likely to be struck by lightning fifty times.

So anyway, best of luck!*

*(I'll probably still have a crack at it anyway. As the adage goes: someone has to win it.)