Monday, February 27, 2006

Hunger strike cancelled due to extreme hunger

Couldn't let this pass without comment:

Saddam Hussein has ended his hunger strike after 11 days. For “health reasons”. In other words, he was fucking starving. That’s the trouble with deliberately denying yourself food – it does tend to be an unhealthy course of action. Just look at Teri Hatcher, pictured here at the gym.

So yeah, sorry Saddam, but I don’t think you’ve really understood the point of this have you? Here’s how it works: you starve yourself to death and we react with indifference.


Tony Harrison said...

This is an outrage!

NF Girl said...

Almost as crazy as my favourite headline of all time -

Human Shields abandon effort in the middle east due to danger

Anonymous said...

I watched Ghandi the other day, it reminds me of that scene when Ghandi trys to stop violent protests and sectarian strife by fasting:

Jinnah, Patel, all of Congress has called for the end of non-co-
operation. There's not been one demonstration. All over India
people are praying that you will end the fast. They're walking in
the streets, offering garlands to the police - and to British

It is a victory. Gandhi's face cracks into a tearful grin.

(croaked): Perhaps - perhaps I have overdone it.

Do you think Saddam expected a similar thing to happen:

Tearful street child: Papa Saddam, Father of Iraq, wont you end your fast.

Saddam: Poor child, the battle goes on, I shall not eat until the infidel has left.

Tearful child: But Papa Saddam, the infidel is leaving, Blair and Bush have apologised. All over Iraq people call for your return. Street parties are planned! With Cake!

Saddam(croaked): Perhaps - perhaps I have overdone it.

Maybe I will write the screenplay.


Citizen Sane said...

I think you should. And I think it should be a musical: 'Oh! Saddam!"

It'd go down a (desert) storm on Broadway.

Laura said...

Once I saw this headline I knew instinctively you'd write about this. And you did. And i chuckled.

All is well in the world... sort of.