Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Comment Is Free - über blog

I don’t think this is even officially live yet (I picked it up via Andrew Sullivan), but The Guardian have launched Comment Is Free, a new blog-based comment and analysis section of their website. It’s being described as a British Huffington Post and will eventually feature up to 200 different writers. Looks quite interesting, but I hope the range of contributors and content are a bit more varied than they are in the paper itself. Still, it's good to see a major mainstream media outlet taking blogging seriously rather than contemptuously dismissing the phenomenon, as is so often the case.

UPDATE 1.19pm Then again, look who's listed as a contributor. Jesus wept.


Anonymous said...

I have to admit I only had a 1 minute look at the link, but whats the point of having a Guardian blog if all the contributions come from Guardian Journos and the same people who always write for the paper?

Isn't it just like reading the Guardian website or newspaper?


Citizen Sane said...

Time will tell, I guess. A lot of their journos and columnists are contributing, but if they're talking about eventually having 200 contributors then there's going to have to be a lot of external input too.

Brytta said...

Are you kidding?? Jesus weeping?? With joyful anticipation perhaps. Even an all seeing God can't anticipate what delicious musings the Georgeous One will proffer up for public scorn!! I for one rejoice!!!

Citizen Sane said...

Well yes, it should provide a steady source of material. There is that I suppose.

Jim said...

Unfortunately, it seems the mentalist trolling commenters that were a regular source of grief on the old Guardian newsblogs have migrated wholesale to Comment Is Free. See Glenn Reynolds' piece on racism in Europe for an example.

tafka PP said...

Comment might be free, but that isn't a good thing. I say this having skimmed GG's post on Jericho and seen what the "masses" have to say.

I might join Jesus in his weeping.

Jim said...

Excatement. Bring Israel up on a blog, and you will invariably unleash those individuals who are very happy to call Israel a racist, Nazi state, but who are very unhappy to leave their names or contact details, so you can get back to them. Extremely democratic, don't you think?

Anonymous said...

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