Monday, March 13, 2006

Guess who's back, back again?

Damn! How did I miss this? It seems our old chum George Galloway has been given his own slot on Talksport radio and the first show went out on Saturday. Good to see yet more steadfast commitment to his responsibilities to the people of Bethnal Green and Bow.

Here’s some blurb from Talksport’s website, babbling excitedly about their sensational signing:
‘Gorgeous’ George has shared company with some of the world’s most colorful (sic) figures like former president of Iraq, Suddam (sic) Hussein, and Cuban chief, Fidel Castro and will tackle both political and non-political topics during the two-hour current affairs programme, inviting listeners to join in and air their views.
Invading neighbouring countries, gassing your own population and overseeing a brutal police state make you a ‘colourful’ figure? The sheer incongruity of this facile drivel leaves me lost for words. Check out the spelling mistakes too: clearly there are some real intellectual heavyweights at this station.

Meanwhile, according to Egregious George:
"I intend to make this the most talked-about talk show on radio - I think I have a pretty good track record of stimulating debate. . . . . Most politicians - and most politics - are boring. I don't think even my worst enemy could call me that."
Perhaps not. But we could call you a boorish, moustachioed fuckwit.

Galloway can be heard on Talksport 1089/1053AM every Saturday and Sunday 8pm-10pm, should anyone take leave of their senses and fancy listening to his Trotskyist horseshit.

Personally I’d rather take a hammer to my own knees.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, sure: "colorful" [sic, but nothing wrong with that spelling on our side]. You gotta hand it to the Brits for such an exquisite use of our common language. Right up there with whazisface, formerly of the Grauniad, describing the Londonistan bombers as "sassy".


Citizen Sane said...

If it was an American press release I wouldn't have mentioned it (it would have been correct in context). But they are a British company, so they should know how to use the British spelling.

But yeah, "colourful" Saddam Hussein. I suppose Hitler was "eccentric". Osama bin Laden? He's just "quirky".