Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I will not celebrate meaningless milestones

It was 365 days ago today. . . Oh yes, Liberal Elite is one year old. Happy birthday, many happy returns, fetch the cakes, etc, etc.

It’s interesting re-reading the first ever post – Liberal Elite’s ‘mission statement’. I still pretty much stand by what I wrote on that day. Although I won’t be reinstating the slogan ‘Because You’re Wrong’ any time soon, amusing though it was at the time. It was only ever intended to be tongue-in-cheek anyway, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned writing this blog over the last year it’s that opinions should be constantly addressed and challenged and that you can find common ground with the most unlikely people sometimes. Additionally, you can often find yourself vehemently disagreeing with those you thought shared many of your beliefs.

It’s a funny old world.

So what were The Realist (RIP) and myself scribbling about way back in March 2005? Hot topics of the month were: Sinn Fein fundraising in the US, an alternative to Red Nose Day, debt cancellation and the Catholic Church’s complicity in African poverty and ignorance, the Pope’s terminal illness, the ethics of listening to Michael Jackson’s music should he be found guilty, the Catholic Church on The Da Vinci Code, non-Irish people ‘celebrating’ St. Patrick’s Day, Labour’s inevitable third electoral victory and the Catholic Church on abortion. Plus some other stuff. Hmmm. Glad the blog isn’t quite so obsessed with the Vatican these days.

Still, good times, good times. Here’s to many more years of ranting, raving and (occasionally) reasoned debate.


ph said...

Well done you have made us all think a bit more deeply

laura said...

Happy birthday fella! Long may you keep me informed of things going on with the world. But remember. It's all in the micro anyway! :-)

Citizen Sane said...

Thanks ph. That is, assuming you are not being sarcastic. At the very least we have sharpened our debating skills!

Laura - stop it, or I'll tell Reeves.