Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Bring back Paul Daniels

Good news: renowned illusionist David Blaine is due to embark upon a new whacky, world-record-beating stunt next week. He plans to spend a week ensconced in a water-filled container in New York.

Bad news: he will have access to oxygen. Story here.

There will also be an interactive element where bystanders can ask him questions during his ordeal. Just think what fascinating insights that will give us:

Specator 1:
How is it, David?

Wet and cold.

Spectator 2:
How is it, David?

Wet and cold.

(And so on.)

One question: Why?


Laura said...

God that man is such a fucking TWAT!

yours etc

Citizeness Sane said...

I second that!