Wednesday, April 12, 2006

"I want to be a part of it. . ."

I’m off to New York for five nights with Citizeness Sane so there will be no posting from me over the Easter period. Will be back in the UK next Wednesday and back to grim reality next Thursday.

So until then. . . .


Laura said...

So long, farewell, etc

just thought you might fancy a blast of your favorite musical. Y'all have a great time now.

mAc Chaos said...

Have a great time.

Citizen Sane said...

Thank you good people. We intend to have a great time. Good weather predicted too!

Have a great Easter/secular long weekend (delete as appropriate!).


Rafael said...

Yo, have a good time down here. It's a little rainy, but I'm sure you'll have a few sunny days.

- R @ Disturbingly Yellow