Sunday, July 16, 2006

And history is made: my first wireless posting

It would appear that I've finally fixed the problems I was having with the wireless router. I changed the security settings and, huzzah, it connects seamlessly and stays connected. Belkin, all is forgiven. But your helpdesk is still crap.

So I'm ready to do my first ever wireless post and. . . I don't have a tremendous amount to say. The rotten hangover is hardly helping, either. So here's a throwaway piece about how some people find their way to this blog.

Like any blogger, I have an unhealthy obsession with tracking visitors to my site. In particular, it’s interesting to see how people arrive here via search engines and what they were actually looking for. Strangely enough, the most common one is people looking for the lyrics to I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor, owing to a post I wrote in January that quoted some of the words in the title.

Recently there has also been a trickle of traffic from people looking for information on the Respect Coalition. Thankfully, they don’t seem to stick around for long, the wooly minded tossers.

Other notable recent searches that have led people here include ‘dictatorial impunity’, ‘Thinking the unthinkable: selling kidneys’, Libertines lyrics, ‘partridge netenyahu’, ‘martine mccutcheon celtic’ and, over the last couple of days, ‘Hezbollah mission statement’.

But my favourite has to be the one I saw the other day: 'cocaine wanking'. It's good to know I can attract readers of such calibre.


Rachie said...

At least your searchers know words like 'impunity'. Mine all seem to be illiterate hard core porn fanatics - not sure why they're getting through to me. My favourite so far, though, is "Why are there maggots in my carpet?". Nice.

Citizen Sane said...

I must say, whenever I've read your blog there's been nothing pornographic in it... The mysteries of Google eh?