Thursday, July 06, 2006

Sweet, sweet schadenfreude

As anyone’s mother will tell you: it’s not nice to make fun of other people’s misfortune. This creates something of a dichotomy because it is also a fact that other people’s misfortune is the basis of all comedy. What are we to do?

In this case, laugh like drains. Because racist, popular-in-the-80s, Tory Boy ‘comedian’ Jim Davidson has been declared bankrupt. At last, good taste has caught up with him.

Of course, we all remember fondly such comic gems as Up The Elephant And Round The Castle (about as funny as burst piles). And who could forget his hilarious ‘Chalky’ character, where good old Jim pretended to be a West Indian with criminal tendencies, replete with comedy accent. Oh! My aching sides! Let’s also acknowledge his fantastic work on high calibre programmes such as Big Break and The Generation Game.

Truly, the man was a great.

I’ve decided to start a collection to help the poor man out. Email me if you want to make a contribution. So far I’ve received two milk bottle tops and a bag of excrement.


Anonymous said...

Jim Davidson may be a twat but don't diss Big Break, its saturday teatimetastic.

"Pot as many balls as you can" - comic genius.


Geoff Champagne said...

You can have that old tin of emulsion that's been sitting at the back of my kitchen cupboard for years.

And get John "ooh my hilarious waistcoat" Virgo to stuff it up Davidson's racist arse.

Citizen Sane said...

Of course, the danger now is that Jim comes out of the wilderness and back on tour or - even worse - back on the TV.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that this man had a BBC contract up until 1999 for a prime time show. Shocking. Let's hope he stays in Dubai.

Rachie said...

I have a bottle of ketchup that expired last November that you can have for the collection if you want.

I think it's worth it for the man who cancelled a show in Great Yarmouth a couple of years ago because of a large group of wheelchair users in the audience who he thought he would offend with his extensive set of 'cripple' jokes. Bizarrely, a friend of mine at the Express was asked to cover the story in a way that would put old Jimmy in a good, considerate light, because he's an old mate of Richard Desmond's.

tafka PP said...

And who knew he lived in Dubai? I learn something new every day.

Citizen Sane said...

Ah, 'cripple jokes'. The basis of all quality humour.

And to think, people still say that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.

So, the collection in full:

2 x milk bottle tops
1 x bag of excrement
1 x tin of old emulsion
1 x bottle of expired ketchup

Anybody else?

H said...

In honour of the great Jim, I would gladly fart into an old jam jar and donate it.

Citizen Sane said...

That's the spirit!

It's amazing what we can achieve when we all pull together.

I'm also chucking in some hair I found in the shower plug hole this morning.