Thursday, September 07, 2006

In a fast German car, I'm not surprised you died. An airbag didn't save your life.

Apparently there is to be a new inquest into the death of Diana, Princess of Wales commencing in 2007. Can anyone explain to me why? Outside of Daily Express editorial meetings, who cares? Where’s the conspiracy? They were in a car being driven by a man high on drink and drugs, involved in a high speed race to get away from photographers. The car crashed. Neither of them were wearing seat belts. I’d say the chances of death under such circumstances are good to even, wouldn’t you? Why are we still picking over this corpse?


ph said...

I have no idea what the point is or who is pushing it. I doubt her two sons (the people really affected by her death)are clamouring for more information. It always looked like a open and shut case

Anonymous said...

It really winds me up that EVERY Sunday I have to go to the newsagents and see her face on the Sunday Express cover. Its always some new theory about who killed her but a) its bull, and b) I really couldn't care either way. I think some of the people who read this crap actually believe the Queen shot out the tyres with a snipers rifle.