Friday, January 19, 2007

Goody: bad and ugly

For the second year running, Celebrity Big Brother has become a major news story. Last year it was George Galloway wearing a leotard and showing everyone what a pussy he is. This year it’s about the alleged bullying (considered by many to be of a racist nature) of Indian contestant Shilpa Shetty by fellow ‘celebrity’ Jade Goody and her pack of baying bitches. It’s everywhere: it was the lead news item on the austere Radio 4, questions have been asked in the Commons, David Cameron has denounced the show, so too has Tony Blair. Meanwhile, Gordon Brown, currently in India, has found himself fielding questions on issues of race in modern Britain (Shetty is a huge film star in her home country). Cue much soul searching in the media : ‘is there a problem with racism in this country?’, ‘what does this say about our attitudes to race?’, etc, etc.

To which the answers are: (1) no, not especially, no more than anywhere else in the world anyway and (2) it says that most people are intolerant of victimising someone because of their racial origin, or being derogatory about their race/nationality . So if anything, the whole grisly affair confirms that we do not like racists or bullies. And racist bullies are a real no-no. We Brits are famous for supporting the underdog, and I would not be surprised if Shetty wins. It seems certain that Goody will be evicted tonight, most likely to a chorus of boos. The bully shall be banished. Then perhaps the guilty introspection can end and we can all get on with our lives again.

Actually, the astonishing backlash against Jade Goody over the last week has served as something of a collective national ablution. At long last, perhaps we can be rid of this woman once and for all. The manner in which she shot to fame and fortune was little short of depressing: let’s be frank, it was for nothing more than being a colossal ignoramus on national television. Now it seems she has reached the end of the line, sacrificed by the very programme that created her. It’s an ending worthy of Shakespeare.


Robert Jackman said...

Ironic isn't it - she started out desperate to be famous; soon she'll be wishing she was anonymous.

Justice perhaps?

I've just blogged on the issue; let me know what you think:

Robert :)

ph said...

I have not seen big Brother this time around but I do feel some sympathy for Miss Goody, mainly because she is being hounded by the bloody liberals, who I seem to remember just loved bullying her last time around cos' she was a chav - and how they do hate chavs.
And as for the Indians - what hypocrites - a nation that has the concept of Untouchables. We can ignore what they think completely.

Citizen Sane said...

Robert - your blog is very good sir. I wish I could write as frequently as you. Student I presume? Lucky bastard.....

PH - I suppose all the conservatives love her, do they? Don't think so somehow. I think the bile comes from all quarters with regards to Jade.

She's not a racist - that has been blown out of all proportion. But she is clearly a loud mouthed bully and has lost the affection of the public as a consequence.

Perhaps now we (the nation that is, not you and I) can stop celebrating mediocrity and rewarding utter stupidity. But I doubt it. There's always more people willing to join the circus. Like that thicko in the house (the latest plaything of Teddy Sheringham), who thought that Winston Churchill was the first black American president. Absolutely staggering ignorance on an almost surreal level.

Devil's Advocate said...

I'm supposed to believe from the TV that this "woman" who has earnt a total of £8 million over the last few years and grew up in Southwark - hardly famous for being all-white - is supposed to be a thicko, who hasn't had experience of living with other cultures.

Bollocks. In between her "endearing" knowledge gaps, she can actually string a sentence together rather well, if you listen carefully and imagine another accent. As for her saying this has taught her about living with other cultures for the first time, don't make me laugh. Anyone who's ever lived or been in South London would know this is crap.

She is a foul-mouthed, vile looking, anti-social bully, and it's an insult to anyone who would truly consider themselves to be "working class" that she has been lumped in the same category. I hope she ends up working in the Southall branch of Lidl.

tafka PP said...

Amen, amen, amen, amen! Ooh, glad you wrote about this. The sooner we see the back of Jade The Pointless the better, and if it causes the Sky News puppets et al to faux-debate inherent UK racism, well that can't hurt either. I bet Heat Magazine had to hold special editorial meetings to deal with their coverage of the fall from grace of their poster child.

Can't help but wonder- surely George as rude, or ruder, about certain ethnic groups last year, or did his leotard/cat thing stand out as the lasting offensive memory? Or is it just that people don't listen when he speaks?

ph said...

CS - don't think I said that Jade was a conservative n-up girl, but I do believe most bile issued forth from those with a liberal bent. Why you may ask? Well I think that over the past few decades the views, policies and social change that liberals have promoted has forged the 'chav class' from the working class. Liberals have systematically trashed the traditional beliefs and culture of the working class, leaving a degraded chav culture. Liberals despise chavs because they(the chavs) have been exposed to the whole panthenon of liberal views yet did not adopt these views, and in the liberal mind anyone who does not subscribe to these views is probably evil.

Anonymous said...

I feel extremely sorry for Jade. Yes she's made mistakes and said some very silly things (non of which I believe to be racially motivated), but haven't we all? Yes Jade acted in a nasty, offensive way and was a bully (along with those 2 other idiots in the house) but the huge amount of (global) media attention has been totally uncalled for. Why was Pete Burns not accused of being a bully in last year's CBB? His taunting of other housemates was awful, especially when he kicked off at Traci Bingham and reduced her to tears with his vile bullying. His behaviour was far worse than Jade's and yet all that was said about him was that it made 'great viewing'. We as a society never like to see people doing well and we'll be the first to put the boot in. Yes Jade has been extremely stupid and I really hope that she regrets her actions as much as she says she does. But does she deserve to be publicly flogged like this? Should she not be given a second chance?

Nushyman said...

I admit it! I watched the whole season when Jade was in the house the first time - and I loved it! However, I think that putting Jade back in the BB house only served to remind us how annoying she was first time round.

Jade is just as stupid and annoying as last time, except last time she didn't have the arrogance she has now, and no one knew who she was or cared.

I disagree with you - I think the best thing that can come out of this is that we will see the end of BB and CBB. Enough already.

tafka PP said...

What I can't get over now is that for days Sky (my only live window on the UK) was headlining about Jade et al's allegedly criminal racism with serious faces and a whole woe-is-Britain overture, and yet now they're smirking, joking and almost supporting the actual crime of the scavenging- nay, stealing!- from that beached liner in Devon.

ph said...

tafka pp - you seem to forget that in Britain today the bien-pensants will smile beatifically on almost any type of cruel, selfish, destructive behaviour - well almost. If your behaviour shows the slightest hint of what they perceive as racism or sexism you will be strung up from the highest yard arm. They have created their own new morality and we will all obey.

Citizen Sane said...

I must confess to feeling a sense of schadenfreude at the whole Jade incident, simply because I am sick to death of the elevation of ignorant, talentless people to the pedastal of 'celebrity'. I know this won't change, however. The country seems to be ever more obsessed with the minutiae of the lives of utter nonentities and the same people in the media crucifying Jade now are the same filth who made her in the first place. They are the real enemy.

In the meantime, Jade's just a bully, plain and simple. She's hardly a Nazi war criminal. Time to move on, methinks.