Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hell is 177,499 other people in a muddy field.

I was just trying to think of something worse than paying £145 for the pleasure of spending a whole weekend camping in a bog in Somerset surrounded by thousands of people caked in mud and who knows what else.

But I couldn't, so I stopped.
Why would anyone do this?


mAc Chaos said...

Yeah, I was wondering why it was even on Drudge as long as it was.

Geoff Champagne said...

Has there ever been a year when it hasn't pissed it down at Glastonbury?

I've heard that corporate hospitality is now getting in on the act. Apparently you can get a tent for about £5K that comes with proper beds, cooking and toilet facilities, caterers, etc. Would be interesting to see what a Wall St executive would make of it all, dressed in his business casual.