Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sometimes the BBC is worth every penny of the licence fee.

The BBC has many critics. And deservedly so at times. But every now and then it comes up with something that more than justifies the price of the licence fee, and tonight's Question Time could well be such an occasion. Just look at this panel and tell me it's not going to be priceless: both of the Hitchens brothers in one place on national television. Should be lots of fun. Oh, and Boris Johnson is usually good value, too.

Anyone who missed the show but wants to see it can watch the whole thing here on the BBC website (although it will only be up for a few days). Otherwise the entire show is on YouTube in seven parts. Below is part 1, parts 2-7 are linked underneath.

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7


ph said...

Saw about 10 minutes. Got to be said that both the Hitchens gave the impression of being a tad unhinged

Anonymous said...

just seen the first question on youtube (original airing time way past my bedtime) - brilliant - gonna try to watch the rest without my boss seeing. C.Hitchens' second stab at answering the Rushdie question was inspired - shame on you Shirley Willaims. PS. Is Boris Johnson ever capable of being serious? (or does asking that question just make me a misserable old grouch) TC

Citizen Sane said...

PH - It's funny, because I'm still convinced that YOU are Peter Hitchens. It's not just the initials you share.

TC - Welcome. I agree about Williams. I winced at her first answer because it was pathetic, spineless drivel so characteristic of the Lib Dems. I actually felt sorry for her because I knew what was going to come next. CH's description of her answer as "contemptible" was absolutely spot on.

ph said...

Well I am more of a Peter man than a Christopher man, but I think they both take theirseleves far too seriously for my liking